Variable Frequency Drives

Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drive

After using many different types of drives and starters, we highly recommend the Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202 for water pumping applications.  We have seen great success and a quick Return On Investment (ROI) when installing the VLT AQUA Drive on both new and retrofit projects.  


The VLT AQUA Drive comes standard with several inputs and outputs allowing easy interlocking of the pump being driven to other devices and systems.  By only consuming the power that is needed, the VLT AQUA Drive is able to save energy and improve overall system efficiency.    


We recommend the NEMA 4X enclosure for most water pumping applications requiring less than 100 HP pumps.  Although the VLT AQUA Drive is available in several enclosures, the NEMA 4X is designed specifically for wet and corrosive environments frequently found around aquatic applications.  Another great option that we usually try to utilize for large pumps is the NEMA 3R enclosure.    


By including a factory installed fused-disconnect, the installation costs are reduced and there is usually no need for additional local disconnects to be installed.



Some of the VLT AQUA Drive features:


  • Automatic Motor Adaptation, AMA 
    The AMA algorithm of the VLT AQUA Drive determines the electrical parameters for the connected motor and ensures efficient motor operation. 

  • Automatic Energy Optimization 
    The standard feature AEO provides optimized motor magnetization at all speeds and loads. This increases energy efficiency by 5-15% for partial loads. 

  • Energy monitoring 
    The VLT AQUA Drive provides a complete range of energy consumption information, which helps identify low-efficiency components in the system. 

  • High Overload 
    Up to 160% (depending on power size and settings) of torque for water and pump applications with high requirements. 

  • PM motor support 
    Support for permanent magnet motors for better system efficiency. 


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