Ultraviolet Systems from ETS



ETS has validated a number of machines for applications such as drinking water, recreational water, and reuse water. The process of validation involves the installation of a UV system into a pipe arrangement, often simulating the worst case installation such as having a bend at the reactor inlet. Non pathogenic surrogates such as MS-2 phage are introduced into the water and the effect that the UV has on these organisms is studied in detail by the third party responsible for the validation study. This process involves detailed record keeping and data capture of a variety of flow and transmittance scenarios. Most drinking water validations are undertaken in accordance with the EPA Guidelines, and most reuse water validations are undertaken in accordance with the NWRI (2012) Guidelines. Once the testing is complete, a detailed report is written by the third party engineer and typically an envelope of validation is determined. Interpolation within the envelope is permitted, however extrapolation outside what was tested is seldom allowed. CFD models play a vital part in the validation process.


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