We are able to provide a variety of filtration related services across a diverse range of applications.  By providing consistently effective solutions we are able to meet the complex needs of military, government, industrial, and commercial customers.  
Design Coordination

We are able to provide system design assistance and/or design coordination to architects, engineers, contractors, and end-users.  Our extensive knowledge of filtration equipment and process brings not only added value to any project, but enables us to ensure all areas of equipment electrical, plumbing, and mechanical requirements are accounted for from the project design phase.     

Site Surveys

The first step in diagnosing the status of a filtration system is gathering as much information as we can.  Conducting a filter media inspection, reviewing chemical log sheets, and observing systems in various states of operation provides crucial data used to determine overall system health.  In most cases, we provide site surveys as a complimentary service and follow up with a detailed site report.  A plan of action can then be initiated based on any findings.    


For both retrofit and new projects, we are able to install equipment and provide field coordination for the installation when multiple trades are involved.  Having our factory authorized technicians on site during an installation ensures the equipment is installed properly and there are no delays during the commissioning process.    


Having a factory authorized technician complete the startup and commissioning not only ensures the warranty on that equipment is preserved, but ensures the equipment is working properly. Integrating multiple pieces of filtration equipment together can be an involved process and ensuring everything is properly interlocked together is one of the things we do best.  

Preventative Maintenance 

Taking a proactive approach by scheduling routine preventative maintenance service on water treatment equipment will result in reduced down time, extended life spans of equipment and an overall savings on service costs.  Having a highly skilled and factory-trained technician regularly inspecting and servicing your equipment will ensure uninterrupted performance for all systems.

Emergency Repairs

Although we always prefer to have service scheduled well in advance, our technical team takes pride in being able to respond to calls for service within 24 hours of receiving a request.  In the event of an emergency situation, we are also able to provide immediate mobilization of our technical team to respond to the situation within a matter of minutes depending on the geographical location of the site.


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