Defender® Regenerative Media Filters

The Defender® Regenerative Media Filter from Neptune-Benson provides exceptional water quality by removing particles down to 1 micron in size.  An increased filter area packed into a smaller footprint allow the Defender® Regenerative Media Filters to be utilized in a diverse range of applications.


In addition to excellent water quality production, there are several savings opportunities available by choosing a Defender® Regenerative Media Filter. 


These savings can be seen through:

  • Lower make-up water consumption and a reduction in waste production.

  • Notable energy conservation for heating and treating make-up water.

  • Annual reduction of chemical use due to exceptional filter efficiency.

  • Savings in construction costs due to smaller footprint to filter area ratios.

  • Visible improvements in water clarity and quality resulting in less chemical costs when compared to other filter types.


Whether building a new facility or looking to update an existing site, the Defender® Regenerative Media Filters are a perfect match for a demanding organic load and high use environment.  Defender® Regenerative Media Filters can be sized for systems with a flow rate requirement of 69-2275 GPM.  Depending on the application, multiple filter tanks can be used on one system if needed.

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