Acid-Rite Feed System

Interlocked Filtration Systems LLC proudly distributes and supports sodium bisulfate feed systems from Acid-Rite.  Acid-Rite is a simple and effective pH down solution for a wide range of water treatment applications.


For operators of aquatic facilities, the risks and hassles associated with muriatic acid and granular sodium bisulfate systems are over. Powered by innovative tablet-erosion technology, the Acid-Rite pH Adjustment System is an effective alternative to bulky liquid acid systems and cumbersome granular sodium bisulfate bags.


The Acid-Rite system provides reliable pH balancing combined with easy installation and maintenance. Additionally, Acid-Rite tablets, made of sodium bisulfate, have low odor creating a friendlier working environment for pool operators.






The easy-to-install Acid-Rite system can be integrated into an existing system and can be configured to accommodate suction side, gravity flow and pressure feed applications.


Once in place, the Acid-Rite system runs simply and efficiently with little maintenance – just reload tablets when the system runs low.

Feed systems and tablets are now distributed by Interlocked Filtration Systems in the Pacific Northwest!


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