Accu-Tab Chlorination System

Interlocked Filtration Systems LLC proudly distributes and supports calcium hypochlorite feed systems from Accu-Tab.  For more than 20 years, the Accu-Tab Systems have been offering simple and effective chlorination solutions for a wide range of applications in the aquatics, food processing, potable water and water to wastewater industries. 

Accu-Tab PowerBase Systems

The Accu-Tab system is the total soluton for all your chlorinaton needs. From the smallest commercial pool installaton to large-scale water parks, Accu-Tab manufactures high-quality tablet chlorinaton systems that stand up to tough water conditons and rigorous industry and government standards—safely, simply, accurately, and with minimal maintenance (as little as once a year!).


AccuTab's pioneering work in erosion chlorinators and three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets has resulted in easy-to-use calcium hypochlorite tablet-based systems built on advanced engineering and proprietary tablet technology. 






The easy-to-install Accu-Tab system can be integrated into an existing system and can be configured to accommodate suction side, gravity flow and pressure feed applications.


Once in place, the Accu-Tab system runs simply and efficiently with little maintenance – just reload the Accu-Tab Blue SI calcium hypochlorite tablets when the system runs low.

An AccuTab feed system in action....

Feed systems and calcium hypochlorite tablets are now distributed by Interlocked Filtration Systems in the greater Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington Areas!


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