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We can help you achieve the best water quality possible by combining

1 micron filtration, chlorine with a scale inhibitor and UV systems that are able to eliminate combined chlorine.

Filtration Systems

Water filtration solutions for any commercial aquatic application (including waterparks, spray parks and fountains).

Ultraviolet Systems

Ultraviolet treatment systems provide excellent pathogen deactivation and combined chlorine destruction.

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Running pumps based on desired flow rate and dosing chlorine using a PPM controller can smooth out peaks and valleys resulting in improved efficiency equating to overall savings.  

Water Chemistry Controllers

Maintaining consistent water chemistry is an essential part of any aquatic facility and happens to be our specialty.



Safely delivering chlorine with a scale inhibitor without all the complications. 

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We believe that water should be fun and safe for everyone!  Our equipment and field services are designed specifically to achieve the best water quality possible for every aquatic application. 

Interlocked Filtration Systems LLC is a technical company based in the Pacific Northwest that sells, services and supports specialized water treatment and filtration equipment for a variety of applications.  We offer technical services that include preliminary site surveys, design coordination, installations, commissioning, preventative maintenance and emergency repairs.  We have partnered with industry leading manufacturers to provide the best equipment packages and highest quality filtration systems available in the commercial aquatics industry. 

our mission is clean and balanced water


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